Commercial Property and Liability

Your commercial property insurance goes so much deeper than just protecting the physical space where you work. When we look at your commercial property needs, we take into account everything from the property and contents to more abstract factors such as accounts receivable and business income protection.

Because if you can’t run your business from your buildings, then you’re probably losing money.

Commercial liability
likewise is a complex product with many different rules and nuances. We can help you find the best liability coverage for injury; damage to property; libel and slander; professional or directors and officers.

Did You Know?
When you insure your business property it is vitally important that you insure it for the full value – clauses such as co-insurance will penalize you in the event of a claim if you have purchased less than the full amount of insurance that you needed to cover all of your property, even if the claim is less than the limit of insurance.If you need to know what types of insurance your small business needs, contact your Beneficial broker today. Forbes has a great article with some basic information as well.

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