What do you do about those risks
that are unique or hard to place?
You come to Beneficial – that’s what!

We can help you understand and manage the costs of those risks, and we have helped our clients find insurance for even the most unusual situations. Some examples of specialty products include: hole-in-one prize indemnity; event liability; wedding insurance; liquor liability; specialty businesses with special risks; malpractice; and many more.

Whatever your special challenges – even if you have been turned down by other insurance companies – we can almost certainly help.

What Have We Insured?
Business items we have insured before include: Contents in Storage, Mobile Gun Range, Tattoo Studios, Software Development, Yoga and Fitness Instructors, Golf Resort, Home-Care, Security Firms, Internet Hosting, Nutritional Consultants, Doctors' & Dentists' Offices (Including Malpractice), Event Liability, Race Cars, Laser clinics, Daycare, Sporting Associations, RV Resort, Fitness Equipment Retailers, Non-Profit Organizations, Livestock Mortality, Salons & Spas, Bars & Nightclubs, and much more!