Your home is one of your most important
investments and how to protect it
is one of the most important decisions
you can make. Whatever your situation,
we can help with the right coverage!

Our brokers are dedicated, and have the knowledge to ensure you have proper coverages. Changes over time, due to the economy, the market, and upgrades/renovations, can affect your coverage. It is important to have evaluations completed periodically to ensure you’re fully protected.

Did you know certain items in your home have specific coverage limits? Refer to the limits section of this page to make sure it reflects what you need for coverage!

Residence and Contents

  • Homeowners. We take time to explore your requirements, analyze the options and find you the best coverage, from the best provider. We can also ensure that you're paying the best price. Did you know - for instance - that with credits for such factors as age, alarm, non-smokers, claims free, dual policy and newer homes you could save as much as 40% on our premiums?
  • Condominiums. Although your condo association may provide coverage on the buildings, you need to supplement that with contents insurance, and other unique coverages that are only applicable to condominium unit owners. Ask us for more information on this.
  • Tenants Insurance. Just because you don't own the building, doesn't mean you shouldn't protect your possessions. Loss of your valuable belongings in a burglary or fire can be devastating, but we'll have you covered.
  • Mobile Homes. Mobile homes come with their own unique set of risks and exposures, and we can provide a full range of solutions.
  • Seasonal Dwellings. Ahhh, that wonderful getaway place. You relax while you're there, and you don't want to be worrying about it while you're not. We can explain your options and help you find the best policy - either as part of your permanent residence coverage, or separately.

Whatever type of insurance you need, we'll make sure you receive the best discounts, and the optional extensions you need for greater peace of mind.

What Are Your Limits?

With the many options available, home insurance can be confusing.How much coverage should I have? What's covered? What may not be covered? Unfortunately many people discover the answers to these questions when it's time to make a claim. To avoid misunderstanding and frustration, we've put together some of the most commonly questioned areas to help you understand your coverage better.

Please speak to your broker about anything not mentioned on this list, or if you own an item on this list with a higher value than listed.

  • Up to $3,000 total for Jewelry, Watches, Gems, Furs and Fur Garments
  • Up to $2,000 for Securities (stocks, bonds, debt/title)
  • Up to $500 for Collectible Cards, Stamps, Coins & Comic Books
  • Up to $500 for Sporting Equipment
  • Up to $1,000 for Watercraft
  • Up to $500 for Money or Bullion
  • Up to $2,500 for Garden Tractors
  • Up to $2.500 for Business Property, ONLY while on Premises
  • Up to $1,000 for Animals

* Some carriers may have higher limits. Please speak to your broker to find out more.

Other items that you may need include on your policy:

Personal Property in Storage, Fine Art, Farm Operation/Exposure, TV Antennas & Satellite Dishes, Earthquake Damage, Computer Software, Home Based Business, Swimming Pools & Covers/Hot tubs, Increased Cost of Repair Resulting from a Bylaw (Older Dwellings), & Travel/Utility trailers.

Helpful Links & Information

  • For more information, you can go to the Insurance Bureau of Canada website
  • If you are interested in obtaining an alarm system for your home, you may visit ADT Alarms or United Alarms. Any alarm company is acceptable, providing that a certificate is sent to us upon installation.
  • When winter arrives, it is important to ensure your home is winterized. See the CBC Interactive to find out more. Flooding can be a huge issue for homeowners, as it is not always covered. Find out more on how to flood proof your home.
  • You may go to the Aviva website (one of our carriers) to see some of the discounts they offer, along with valuable information on home, tenant & condo insurance