Life Insurance

Life insurance represents permanent financial security for your family if you should pass away. It also means the peace of mind of knowing that you have left your loved ones provided for. But the choices can seem confusing. We will take the time to help you pick the right product for your stage of life, whether that’s term or permanent, whole life or universal life.

While term insurance provides an inexpensive coverage alternative for temporary life insurance needs, only 3% of all term insurance policies actually result in claims. This is because the insured person either outlives the term coverage, or lapses the policy when the premiums increase at the 10 or 20 year intervals.

Did You Know?
Wondering why you should buy life insurance? Or what questions to ask when buying insurance? Follow the links in the text, or contact your broker today to find out more!80% of people in North America do not carry adequate (or any) personal life insurance. This is the opposite of Europe, where only 20% of their residents are not adequately life insured.