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Travel Insurance Throughout Alberta

Traveling can be an extraordinary experience. Yet, it comes with certain unpredictable risks, no matter how well you plan your journey. Though it is not possible to control all the external factors involved in your travel plans, you can surely buy adequate travel insurance to keep you covered. This way, when you’re traveling, you and your family can relax and enjoy, without having to worry about any financial setbacks.

Whether it’s a medical contingency during a trip or loss of baggage, flight delay or a stolen passport, having a travel insurance by your side will make your journey a lot more secure. If you’re a travel junkie or a global businessman, buying travel insurance from Beneficial Insurance is the key to a safe and rewarding trip.

At Beneficial Insurance, we provide travel insurance plans for both, domestic and international travel. You can opt for a single trip policy or an annual multi-trip policy based on the frequency of your travel adventures. You can also choose from student insurance plans, senior citizens travel plans, corporate travel insurance and group travel insurance as per your requirements. Not to mention, if you have a specific need when you’re traveling to a particular region like Asia or Schengen countries, we can customize the policy for you.

We offer insurance policies in the following regions:

  • Calgary Alberta & area
  • Edmonton Alberta & area
  • Southern Alberta & area
  • Central Alberta & area

Why choose Beneficial Insurance Travel Insurance?

  • Complete on-call support throughout the world on priority along with assistance for loss of documents
  • Smart and innovative packages with attractive rates
  • Easy disbursement of claims
  • Compensation for flight delays or expenses related to trip cancellation
  • Expert advice and suggestions by our insurance experts
  • A wide range of policies to choose from
Are you planning on an extended stay in Alberta? Talk to our brokers about a Super Visa

You may be visiting Alberta for an extended stay, you should consider a Super Visa. Whether it is for work, parent, grandparent and extended family visits from overseas it is important to make sure you are covered during your stay. Contact us today!

Planning your next vacation or business trip around the world? Call (403) 250-3121 to speak to our insurance experts and jet set go with the right travel insurance!