Vacation/ Season Residence Insurance in Alberta

Protect your second home with seasonal residence insurance. It could be your vacation home, hunting cabin, countryside cottage or retirement lodging. It deserves to be just as secure as your home.

It does not matter what type of property you own or where it’s located. You need to insure your seasonal residence. Here are some of the benefits of getting seasonal residence insurance.

Points to Consider When Selecting A Seasonal Insurance Policy

  • What are the named perils?
  • Is there any exclusion that you don’t understand?
  • Does the policy amount cover the total value of rebuilding in the event of a total loss?
  • Does the policy cover theft of lawn mower?

Benefits of Seasonal Residence Insurance

  • It protects any outdoor structures. These can include the dock, deck and shed on your seasonal residential property. You get insurance cover for any insured perils like damage, fire, theft, vandalism etc.
  • It provides protection for your belongings. Insurance ensures you are financially secure against damage. It protects your vacation home against loss of furniture and other personal belongings.
  • It provides liability coverage. This provides you insurance coverage against accidental loss to others property and legal liability. In the event of injury to others while at the seasonal residence, you protected if they are legally liable.


How to Select a Seasonal Residence Insurance Policy

At Beneficial Insurance, we provide customize your insurance policy. Our insurance brokers work with you to understand your needs.

We work with a vast amount of insurance carriers to service you better. Protect your loved ones with affordable insurance plans. Select an insurance policy that provides covers against the desired perils.

Based on the location and the type of the property, we can offer you different types of coverage. Our insurance professionals help you determine the best insurance policy.

You can rest assured that the policy provides you maximum value for money. We’re here for your benefit. We protect your home away from home so that you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

We provide seasonal residence insurance for the following regions;

  • Calgary Alberta
  • Airdrie Alberta
  • Southern Alberta & area
  • Central Alberta & area
  • Northern Alberta & area
  • Other Provincial Jurisdictions as long as your primary residence is in Alberta

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Normally, you can add a seasonal residence as an additional location to your home insurance plan covers your seasonal residence. But, if you’re insurance broker is sending you elsewhere, we’d love to help you secure your home and loved ones.

We help you find the best policy that protects you and your property. It also covers any outdoor structures and your personal belongings. The financial and legal liability varies depending on the policy and provider.

Choose your insurance cover wisely. Make sure to check for claims-free discounts and age discounts. It usually provides cover against damage from;

  • Natural disasters
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental injuries
  • Hail storms
  • And many more.

We educate our clients on the effect of claims and loss frequency. Thus they can be more involved in their individual loss prevention. While assessing your insurance policy, review the following points.
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