Motorcycle Insurance

Enjoy Your Ride

Owning and riding a motorcycle isn’t just about owning a bike – it’s about a lifestyle, the feeling of freedom it brings, and the way you experience your surroundings. But, as exhilarating as owning a motorcycle is, it’s also your responsibility to protect yourself, other riders and keep your bike safe.


So spend less time dreaming about the open road and more time cruising it and get the Motorcycle Insurance you need from Beneficial Insurance today. We make it simple, affordable, and fast to get the coverage you need to cruise with confidence. 


Our plans include stand-alone and additional coverage options to meet your every need. Limit your liability and reduce your financial risk. Get coverage for collisions and non-traffic-related damages like weather, vandalism, and theft. Recoup the replacement costs of your bike, gear, accessories in cases of a total loss, and more.


What Makes Beneficial Insurance Right For You?


Comprehensive Coverage

With Beneficial Insurance, you can expect an easy-to-understand policy that protects you and your bike, on or off the road.


No Hidden Fees

Get a standard insurance policy, or customize one by choosing from a wide range of additional protection and avoid unexpected expenses if the time ever comes to make a claim.



You wouldn’t trust a rookie with your bike, so why trust one with your insurance? Our team of experts has access to the best insurance companies, meaning you have access to exclusive motorcycle insurance plans.

Hit the road with peace of mind. Call our office at 403-250-3121 to get a free quote or fill out the form below.

    Motorcycle Insurance