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Life insurance is essential to ensure financial security of your loved ones. If you have people who rely on you, you can assure they will be taken care of in the event something happens to you. Your loved ones are given a tax free payment after your death to ease their way.

The premium of your life insurance policy depends on many factors. These include; the age, gender, medical history and lifestyle. By naming a beneficiary, you can give your loved ones financial security and funds to settle any debts, expenses or cater to their well being after you.

Why Do You Need Life Insurance

Do you have any dependents? Are you responsible for providing financial support to anyone? If yes, then you need life insurance.In the event you pass away, there is nothing we can do about the emotional loss, but we can provide a financial backbone by way of life insurance.

Life insurance offers your beneficiary the option to receive either a lump sum payment, or they can receive periodic payments to replace the lost income. This helps them maintain the standard of living, pay for any tuition free for the education of any children, pay off the debtors, cover the final expenses etc.

Types of Life Insurance Coverage

Some of you probably have basic life insurance through your jobs. This usually lasts for the duration of the job. However, this may not be sufficient to meet the needs of your loved ones. Life insurance is a great way to grow your funds and achieve your financial milestones. For example, you can supplement your retirement income. We offer the following types of life insurance coverage:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance

How Can Beneficial Insurance Help?

We help you to make a successful financial plan based on your individual requirements. Our insurance experts do comparison shopping to analyze many policies to identify the best coverage at least cost to you.

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