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You spend years fine-tuning your skills and growing your career to give your family the life they deserve. So imagine what would happen if you were to suddenly lose your ability to earn a living due to an injury, illness, or mental health condition. Beneficial Insurance helps you safeguard your future with Disability Insurance plans that protect you against the risk of income loss, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and more.


Continue planning for your future with confidence. Regardless of your disability term, Beneficial Insurance is by your side to minimize the impact your disability has on your life. Each month, expect to receive a cash payment in place of a paycheck, so you can still afford to make all your payments and have less to be concerned about throughout your recovery period.



How Disability Insurance Benefits You


Flexible Solutions

We’ll help you understand all the different plans available and customize the one that’s right for you, so you have access to supplementary income when you need it.


Affordable Rates

Our team works with industry-leading insurance providers allowing us to negotiate competitive rates and discounts on your behalf.


Exceptional Service

We are known for our exceptional service and are committed to providing the best customer experience the industry has to offer.


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