Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance for Albertan’s

Accidents and unforeseen events are unpredictable. But, you can prepare for the worst case with disability insurance. In case of a disability where you lose income and are unable to earn income, disability insurance is very beneficial.

There are many causes of disability such as injury, illness, mental health condition etc. If your disability makes you eligible to receive any benefits, then it can be a huge help to you. These benefits help you pay for the cost of living, medicines, recuperation and maintaining the same standard of living.

Why Do You Need Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is useful in case there is an accident or unexpected illness that renders you unable to make a living for yourself and those dependent on you. The payments from disability insurance aid you in paying for the expenses and replace a portion of your regular income in two scenarios;

  1. If you are temporarily unable to work due to an injury or illness
  2. If you are permanently unable to work due to an injury or illness that disables you for life

The disability may be a short term or long term condition. The process for obtaining these benefits may be long. It is recommended to get professional help from your insurance brokers to speed up the application.

Types of Disability Insurance Coverage

There are a variety of disability insurance coverage plans. Some of these include individual insurance plans, group insurance plans, government plans for example the Canada Pension Plan that provides workers’ compensation and benefits etc. If you have to live with any disability, all these plans help to supplement your income from other sources so you can live comfortably.

Disability insurance coverage is provided with many variables and depends on your occupation, how hazardous is your occupation and is also income based. It is important to work with our advisers to determine the best disability coverage for your specific needs.

How Can Beneficial Insurance Help?

Beneficial Insurance is here for your benefit. Our disability insurance plans provide benefits like supplementary income, rehabilitation to aid your return to work, job retraining to facilitate your transition back to a workplace etc. We offer a full range of benefits and tailored insurance premium options that fit your needs and risks.

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