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Prioritize Your Health With Critical Illness Insurance


Your health ultimately dictates your quality of life, so you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make it a top priority. As an Alberta resident, while you may be fortunate enough to have Alberta Health Care coverage, that doesn’t mean you should overlook additional coverage. Without Critical Illness Insurance, you are only eligible for services, supplies, and medicine that Alberta Health Care includes. Meaning that, in the event of an emergency or critical illness, you won’t have access to the medication you may need or be able to afford procedures that could ultimately save you or a loved one’s life.


Put your mind at ease knowing your medical costs are taken care of with Critical Illness Insurance. So when facing medical emergencies such as cancer, heart attacks, or strokes, you have financing in place to get the care you deserve. Even if you haven’t lost your ability to work, simply make a Critical Illness claim and your insurance provider will deliver a lump sum payment that you can use to cover your medical bills, living costs, and anything else you may need. That way, all you will have to focus on is your recovery.



How Critical Illness Insurance Benefits You


  • Maintain your lifestyle and quality of life with financial and medical coverage
  • Keep your entire family safe with coverage for everyone, regardless of age
  • Never miss a bill, mortgage, or debt payment, even if you lose your ability to work with coverage for loss of income
  • Supplement your employment insurance plan for even better protection
  • Get the best support during and after your recovery from a life-changing illness
  • Gain access to medicines and treatments, even if they are not covered by private or government health insurance



Maintain your quality of life and limit your critical illness risks.


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