Tenant Insurance

Fast, simple, and affordable rental insurance

One of the biggest perks as a renter, is consistent monthly costs.  You instantly eliminate the need to plan for unexpected home repairs, time-consuming maintenance, or expensive annual property taxes. While the direct costs for maintaining the home are covered, as a tenant, you are still responsible for protecting your belongings and limiting your liability for the term of your rental.

Imagine being deemed liable for an accident, or falling victim to a robbery or house fire, only to discover later you don’t have coverage for any of it. In addition to the devastation from losing irreplaceable items, you’re suddenly responsible for covering expensive medical bills you can’t afford, along with paying to replace all your belongings.

Fortunately, we can help you ensure you will never have to experience any of that with tenant insurance.

Our committed team of professionals makes it fast, easy, and affordable to get the best rental coverage in Calgary and across Alberta. Your dedicated Beneficial Insurance broker will assist you in finding the best coverage solutions in the market, keeping you and your valuables safe

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    Tenant INSURANCE