Tenant Insurance

Rental/ Tenant Insurance in Calgary and Throughout Alberta

Renting a home vs buying a home comes with many benefits such as not having additional expenses like maintenance and upkeep and taxes. Whether it is short or long-term rental, its important to protect your belongings with rental insurance. In addition, rental insurance covers you for liability exposures, in the case where someone is injured or you cause accidental damage to someone else’s property. The landlord’s insurance policy does not cover you and your personal belongings. In fact, many landlords will insist you get a tenant or renter’s insurance policy prior to signing a rental agreement to ensure everyone is protected. More than thirty percent of Canadians rent their homes yet of these, less than fifty percent have insurance. At Beneficial Insurance Solutions, we help you get the best tenant insurance that provides you adequate coverage. We offer tenant insurance for the following regions;

  • Calgary and Area
  • Southern Alberta and Area
  • Edmonton and Area
  • Northern Alberta and Area

When you think about the value of your personal belongings and the cost associated with replacing those items during a claim,  those items can add up such as clothes, furniture and all personal belongings. Do you own valuable items that would be very costly to replace such as jewelry, collectibles, art and sporting goods? Talk to our brokers to add additional coverage to protect those items. Contact us today by calling 403-250-3121 or by filling out the form below

    Tenant INSURANCE