Apartment Buildings Condominium Corporations

Condominium Corporation and Association’s insurance policies are often complex. This makes the task of finding the right cover for your apartment building an overwhelming undertaking. That is where we come in.

Beneficial Insurance can help you identify the right insurance policy suited to your specific condo requirements and corporation setup. We can insure all your needs under a single policy including the building, common area and other relevant elements.

Why Do You Need Apartment Buildings Condominium Corporation Insurance

A condominium corporation jointly owns and controls the shared infrastructure or apartment building. Since the association makes decisions on how the condominium corporation operates, it becomes important to cover against unforeseen events.

The area of a condominium unit is defined by the walls, floor space and ceiling. The area outside this defined space is termed the common area which is jointly owned by the all unit owners.While unit owners have condo insurance policies that cover their individual units, the association’s shared insurance policy covers the common area of the apartment building.

Types of Apartment Building Condominium Corporation Insurance

A Condominium Corporation insurance policy usually provides two types of coverage, that is to say;

  1. It could offer coverage for the basic structure of the apartment building i.e. the walls, roof, flooring, and the elevators. However,this policy doesn’t cover the appliances and furniture owned by the individual unit owners.
  2. It could offer coverage for both the basic structure of the apartment building and the possessions within each unit except the personal belongings of the unit owner or tenant.

How Can Beneficial Insurance Help?

With so many policies, selecting the best coverage can be a difficult task. We do comparison shopping and work with you to tailor the insurance policy based on your exact needs.Here’s why we are the best.

  • We offer comprehensive insurance solutions to meet your needs.
  • Our team of experienced agents can get you the best deal at the least premium.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Get special offers and discounts.
  • Lowest rate of premium.

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