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As a homeowner your heart & soul is always in your house. It’s here that you live with your family and come together with them, your friends and relatives to unwind and rejuvenate yourself. No wonder then that you take pride in your house and want to protect it.

At Beneficial Insurance Solutions, we understand your sentiments and help you find the right house insurance Calgary for your house and its contents. Our friendly and experienced staff ask you the right questions to review your personal needs, and offer you the best rates and options that are available for your situation by comparing quotes from various insurance companies.

Our home insurance brokers Calgary are experts in their field and as most home insurances policies are not straightforward, they guide you through each step of the journey so that you are able to carefully choose a coverage that does not leave you with surprises, and yet, provides you the best possible rates.

We operate in Calgary and throughout Alberta and have clients in the following regions:

  • Calgary Alberta
  • Edmonton Alberta
  • Southern Alberta & area
  • Central Alberta & area
  • Northern Alberta & area

Why is home insurance needed?

Your house is vulnerable to risks such as fire, water damage, hail storms, and theft. In the case of an event, would you be able to undertake repairs of your home, or rebuild it if total replacement was required? It is here that a comprehensive home insurance policy protects you from the unexpected.

Items covered under home insurance:

Most home insurance companies Calgary offer these basic coverages:


Your home insurance covers damages done to the physical structure of your home including the roof, foundation, flooring, windows, doors and the structures attached to your house, for example, a garage.

Personal Property

Certain insurance policies also cover your belongings such as appliances, furniture and electronics etc.

Personal Liability

Provides cover from claims and lawsuits, in the event of any bodily injury and property damage sustained by others as a result of your actions, or actions that occur in your own or rented home.

Detached Structures

Some home insurance policies also cover guest houses, sheds, and gazebos etc. that are detached.

Additional Living Expenses

In the event that your home is under repair, certain insurance policies also cover your living and maintenance expenses such as hotel fees, food bills, and storage costs.

Items not covered under home insurance

Standard home insurance policies typically exclude the following covers:

Overland Water Coverage

Damages caused by overland floods as a result of heavy rains and rapid snowmelts.

Landslides & earthquakes

Damages caused by landslides and earthquakes.


Damages to your home caused by mold.

Pest damage

Damages to your home caused by termites, ants, moths, and pests.

Frozen water pipes

Unless you are able to prove that damages from frozen pipes are not arising from any fault of yours.

Wear & tear

These damages are excluded as regular wear & tear is preventable with due care & maintenance.

If you are looking for house insurance Calgary, then call us today to get a personalized competitive house insurance quote Calgary. Our friendly insurance brokers in Calgary are experts in their field and ready to help and answer all your questions. Home insurance is the most significant aspect of homeownership, so don’t give it a second thought.

Just call us at 403-250-3121. At Beneficial Insurance Solutions, we work with you to tailor the home insurance policy to fit your needs and unique concerns.


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