As a homeowner, protecting your home is a top priority. Your search for the best home insurance has left you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. Despite all your research, you still haven’t found an affordable solution that protects your property, limits your liability, and meets your specific needs. Not to mention, it’s next to impossible to find an actual person you can discuss your requirements with.

Fortunately, as a Calgary or Alberta resident, Beneficial Insurance can put your mind at ease. Simply help us understand what’s important to you, and our team of caring experts will do the rest. That way, you won’t have to waste your time or hard-earned money ever again. Because not only are you investing in a home, you’re investing in your future as well.

With the right policy, you’re covered for physical damages to your property along with liability protection, meaning you won’t be responsible if someone gets injured while at your home. We partner with the best insurance companies in Canada, allowing us to customize your plan and secure any additional coverage necessary.

We help you get flexible coverage against the risks you can’t control:

● Replace lost or stolen high-ticket items like jewelry and art without paying a high deductible
● Avoid costly home repairs caused by natural disasters or unforeseen events, like a hailstorm or a sewer back-up
● Protect and restore your personal information after an identity theft
● Eliminate your liability for damages or injuries sustained by guests when renting your home on platforms like VRBO and Airbnb

We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we work with you and create a solution custom-tailored for your needs and budget.

We work with thousands of busy and hard-working homeowners, helping them discover the importance and life-changing benefits of home insurance. In fact, we even help with the claim process just to make sure every experience is stress-free and straightforward.

Schedule your free consultation and get in touch with a Beneficial Insurance Solutions broker who would love to find you the right coverage, whatever your needs may be.Call us at 403-250-3121; to speak to our insurance experts today! At Beneficial Insurance Solutions, we work with you to tailor the home insurance policy to fit your needs and unique concerns.

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