Boat watercraft insurance

Boat Insurance throughout Alberta

Boat and watercraft insurance for all your waterborne recreational vehicles in one place. We ensure and cover your all your watercraft vehicles like:

  • Sailboats
  • Yachts
  • Cruisers
  • Jet skis
  • Runabouts
  • Inboards
  • Outboards
  • And many more.

Boat and watercraft insurance policies protect you from unforeseen damages and accidents. They safeguard you against risks both during use and at the time of storage.

Insurance pays for any damages and repair work in the event of an accident. It also covers any legal costs of any injury to passengers while on board for which you are liable.

Beneficial Insurance Solutions is here for your benefit. We work with a vast amount of insurance firms to provide you the best service. Our experienced insurance brokers work with you.

Types of Coverage

You can decide what type of coverage you need based on the age of the watercraft vehicles and its purpose. The types of insurance covers available for watercraft insurance are;

1. Property Coverage

Protects the watercraft from theft, damage and similar risks while both on water and land. Some policies will even cover claims for the cost of replacement of the watercraft.

2. Liability Coverage

It protects you against legal claims in the event of an accident or unforeseen incident. It also covers any damage caused by the watercraft to another person’s property.

Factors That Affect the Policy

  • Location of the watercraft when not in use is crucial.
  • Areas you intend to use the watercraft in.
  • Purpose you use the watercraft for.
  • Record of the navigator or driver of watercraft.
  • Independent survey and inspection of the watercraft.
  • A profile of your experience handling similar watercraft and track record.

How you choose to store the vehicle affects the price of the policy. The way you use the watercraft vehicle also impacts the price of your insurance policy. A well-kept vehicle has less risk of exposure and thus potential damage and vice versa.

At Beneficial Insurance, we help identify the policy that gives you the ideal coverage based on the vehicles you own. We provide watercraft insurance for the following regions;

  • Calgary and Area
  • Edmonton and Area
  • Southern Alberta and Area
  • Central Alberta and Area
  • Northern Alberta and Area

This is not limited to using your boat outside of these areas, as long as you reside in Alberta. Seasonal boats can be insured to an additional property throughout Canada and the USA, talk to one of our brokers for details.

We provide end-to-end insurance solutions. We work with you, right from assessing paper work to finalizing the insurance policy.

We offer watercraft coverage along with your existing home and auto insurance policies. Having all your insurance needs covered under one policy is a great way to increase your savings.

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