Many People hope to find cheap car insurance no matter where you are, however Calgarian’s spend a lot of time looking for the best rates with the best coverage. Our customers who come into the office always ask how they can reduce costs so we created a list of top things to do to get cheap car insurance.

  1. Work with an Auto Insurance Broker and Compare Rates

There are several ways to shop around and get cheap car insurance in Calgary. Working with your broker to do the shopping for you or go online to compare rates.

Comparing premiums online can be daunting as there are so many options available without reducing all the important coverages you need to protect yourself and others. When shopping online make sure you do your best to review and study what auto insurance coverages are available.

While working with a car insurance broker in Calgary, review as many options available and take advantage of your broker and their resources. Their knowledge can definitely out weigh trying to do all the work yourself.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Did you know where you live, how far you drive on a daily basis affects your car insurance? Insurance companies look at the crime level in specific regions, distance to and from work and more to determine insurance premiums for individuals.

If you live in a neighborhood with less crime, it will be easier to purchase cheap car insurance.

  1. How Long have you been driving?

The longer you have been driving allows for a better driving record. Statistics show that young drivers have less experience and have increased accidents over a driver with a history and practice of good driving. Each year you have been driving with no accidents, you’ll see a reduction in your car insurance premiums.

  1. Working with One Insurance Company

Speak to your insurance broker about working with one insurance company for all your insurance needs. Weather you are a home owner or renting, business insurance, health and life insurance, RV’s, to name a few. People have seen discounts with using one insurance provider to provide all of their insurance needs.

  1. Good Driving Record

As mentioned above, a good driving history can save hundreds and sometime thousands of dollars per year. Good drivers are rewarded for the safe driving habits with cheap auto insurance.

  1. Make Sure your Policy and information is Correct

Life changes throughout the year, make sure your car insurance policy is accurate. Are you using your vehicle for pleasure use? Did your job change to new location? Did your address change? Are there any other life changes that may have taken place throughout the year or simply check your policy for accuracy? Ask your broker or review yourself to make sure your information with the insurance provider is accurate.

These are among the top responses we give to help our clients with cheap car insurance in Calgary, however, there are many more factors.