Whether you are buying a new vehicle or renewing your current auto insurance in Calgary, there are many things you should be aware of to make sure you have the right coverage for you and other drivers on the roads.


Working with your car insurance broker will allow ensure you are covered if you get in an accident providing you with all the right auto insurance coverages. If you choose to buy your car insurance independently here are some important things to know before you buy vehicle insurance.

  1. Don’t go for the minimum!

Paying the minimum amount of car insurance will not save you any money in the long run. All provinces have a minimum amount of insurance required by law in order to drive your vehicle. In the province of Alberta, the minimum amount of car insurance is $200,000 on Third Party Liability and Accident Benefits. For example, if you were to cause an accident, there would be no coverage for collision. If your vehicle were to be stolen, there would be no coverage for comprehensive. Additionally, if the other party would need more than $200,000 to cover their damages, you would be held personally responsible for any amount over and above the basic amount for Third Party Liability and Accident Benefits.

  1. Choosing a deductible

When choosing your deductible for collision or comprehensive insurance, you have the option to choose a higher deductible. This may result with paying lower premiums for the term of your policy from the insurance company. This would be something to consider as it may not be the right choice for everyone. If you have a small claim of about $5000, and you chose a higher deductible of $1000 than you are paying a larger out of your own pocket. This may be fine for some people, however, not everyone can afford to pay more should you have a claim.

  1. Monthly payments vs paying upfront

There are various options for paying for auto insurance in Calgary. Most insurance companies offer monthly payment plan for individuals who wish to pay their insurance policy over time. One thing to know is, the insurance company will charge additional interest over and above your policy, similar to a loan. Paying for your car insurance upfront could save you hundreds of dollars annually.

  1. Check with an insurance agency

Sometimes it can be difficult to know all the facts and options. Over time, your life changes and your auto insurance coverage may reflect these changes. To make sure you’re properly insured, have all the right information for payment option and more.

  1. Be Honest!

This might sound silly, however, so many people don’t always provide the right information when insuring their vehicles. Indicating you on drive 5kms to work each day when you actually drive 20kms or if you don’t provide accurate information if you are using your vehicle for work could result in loss of coverage. It is pretty important to be forthcoming with accurate information to your insurance company