Winter Driving Tips in Calgary, Alberta

As the holiday season approaches, many more drivers are on the road to travel to see family and friends, it is important to understand that our weather conditions can change very quickly and to be prepared. During these cold winter months and throughout the holidays it is important to practice safe driving for you and other drivers.

Here are some tips to prepare for winter driving conditions:

  • Make sure your vehicle has winter tires and has been serviced. Check with your local mechanic and tire shop to make sure your car and tires are good enough for winter driving conditions.
  • Store snow removal tools for your vehicle in your vehicle. When you need to clean your vehicle from snow and ice, make sure it is in a handy place. Never use hot water to get rid of snow and ice though as this can damage your windshield and you’ll need to get Allstate Auto Glass to repair the glass.
  • Always have more than half a tank of gas. To avoid risk of freezing your gas line. Also, if you are stuck on the side of the road it is important to have enough fuel in your vehicle to make sure your vehicle is warm until help arrives.


  • Keep your vehicle warm. Many Albertan’s are familiar with having to plug in their vehicles, however, if you are new to our cold climate, plugging your vehicle helps protect your vehicle from freezing. Plug in your vehicle when temperature are -15°C and below.


  • Keep your cell phone charged. Never use your phone while driving. Ensure your cell phone is fully charged when travelling in and out of the city.


  • Store warm blankets and clothing in your vehicle. If you are stuck somewhere waiting for assistance, keeping warm is critical and having additional items to keep you safe is important such as blanket, clothing, water, flashlight.

Preparing for winter conditions is one thing and driving is another. Staying safe on the roads is important to avoid accidents. While driving, here are some tips to keep you safe.

  • Look up road conditions before getting on the roads. With the weather being unpredictable being prepared for road conditions can help reduce any risk of a car accident. There are a few websites to look up any weather or construction reports for a smoother travelling experience.
  • Plan on leaving early. Give yourself plenty of time. With icy roads, wind gusts and falling snow, this can cause traffic to move slower than normal. Allowing for extra time will help prevent from any accidents from driving too fast for road conditions.


  • Leave plenty of room between you and the next vehicle. During winter months, it’s a good idea to leave at least three car lengths of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. This will allow you to be able to stop in time should you need to stop suddenly.


  • Practice Winter Defensive Driving. Check with your local driving school about best practices when it comes to learning how to drive in winter conditions.


  • Slow down to 60kms per hour when passing emergency vehicles. When driving past emergency vehicles it is the law to slow down to 60kms per hour on highways and lower on other roads.


These are just some of the precautions to take when driving in Calgary and throughout the province during the holidays and winter months.