Whether you are moving locally or to a new province there are some key factors to consider when moving that will affect your car insurance. With so many things to do and consider, this process is simple.

Here is a list of tips to make things simpler:


  1. Get in touch with your insurance broker

It is always best to review all policies with your insurance broker, especially when you are moving. Your current policy should keep you insured during your move, however once you are in your new neighbourhood, your insurance policy will need to be adjusted based on location and where you reside.

If you are moving provinces, discuss with your insurance broker prior to your move as each province has different regulations. Keep a record of your current policy for your records, this will allow you to review your current coverage and understand what additional coverage you may need or remove.


  1. Update your driver’s license

Updating your drivers license to reflect your accurate information such as new address can affect your premiums. Each city in Alberta, has different insurance risks associated with each city such as, crime rate, previous accident risks in that area, this can affect your insurance premiums.

When you move to a new province, you’ll need to get a new drivers license. The good news is, its very simple but check with your local registry office in your new province.


  1. Don’t go with just the basic coverage

Depending on how you are using your vehicle, making sure you have the right coverage is important. Any changes to your car insurance should be discussed with your broker.


In other provinces, car insurance varies and have different set of rules all together such as the minimum amount of insurance required and where you buy your insurance. Provinces with public mandatory vehicle insurance and registration programs include, BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


  1. Update any changes on how you use your vehicle

Moving is a major life change, along with moving there may be other changes in your life such as job change or new school. These all affect your driving habits and will reflect on your insurance policy. A few questions to go over:

  • How do you use your vehicle, are you using it for business use, to and from work/school?
  • Is there a new primary driver?
  • Are you working from home and only using your vehicle for personal use?


These are just a few things to consider when moving, its always best to check with your insurance broker for all your insurance needs. Beneficial Insurance Solutions insurance brokers will walk you through your move