In Calgary and throughout Alberta, old man winter sure isn’t done and there are several more months of winter ahead. With ice, snow, strong winds and additional winter weather, this can take a toll of your home. Let’s review how winter weather may affect your home insurance. Reach out to your broker at Beneficial Insurance Solutions, we are here to help.

With damage to the exterior of your home during the winter months such as a broken pipe, roof or siding may be covered under your home insurance policy. If there is no damage to the building structure such as debris from fallen tree branches or build up of snow, these types of maintenance is not covered by insurance policies.

Frozen Pipes

Let’s discuss frozen or burst pipes, when this happens and flooding occurs, the damage is most likely covered by insurance policy. Typically, when an area is not heated, or sprinkler systems and outside hose taps have leftover water remaining and the cold weather come, the water expands and can bursts pipes. This is easily avoidable during fall months when sprinkler systems are blown out and water is removed correctly from exposed pipes.

Away on Holidays

Leaving the winter blues is always a great idea to beat the cold winters, however wherever you may go whether it is for an extended period or just for the weekend, ensure someone is checking on your home. Have a friend, family member or neighbour check on your home. Having someone check the interior of your home, shovel driveways and walks, bring in the mail will also ensure burglars don’t view your home as vacant.

Another item to note while away is being cognisant of social media channels. Social media is a great to let friends and family know what your up to, on the other side of this we don’t want to alert anyone that may be following you that you’re not at home. Minimize social media posts that provide information of being away from home and try and limit your audience of what your up to.

Utilizing technology can be great reduce potential theft or burglary. There are many types of technology that can provide value to your home as well as protect while you are away. There are security systems, lighting technology that can be programed to come on and off during certain hours, as well as cameras. Do some research on what works best you’re your home.


Regardless of whether you are home for the winter or away, always check with your home insurance broker and let them know you’ll be out of town and to discuss various options relating to your policy.