Buying insurance has become easier than ever in the age of the internet. However, with the convenience, there is also a lot of confusion. Choosing from dozens of companies and hundreds of policy options can be overwhelming for a car owner. Getting the right coverage from a reputed company is important because they will help you when you’re stuck in a crisis with your car. We bring you some tips to help you select the right insurance company.

1. Financial Stability
If you’re stuck in a difficult claim situation, the last thing you want to hear is that the company doesn’t have the funds to pay for your claim. Pick a company that has been financially sound for many years and can afford to pay for your damages in the unlikely event of an accident.

2. Size
A number of large insurance companies have been in the business long enough to understand the complexities of insurance. They know how to manage risks and have a proven history of meeting financial obligations over the years. However, today, there are many small and medium-sized companies that have matched the experience of big insurance firms in terms of clients, claims and payouts. If you’re going to be driving a lease car, you will want to find an insurer who covers such vehicles.

3. Licensing
Not all companies will be licensed to operate in every province in Canada. When buying insurance, always buy from licensed companies because when you’re stuck in a problem, the provincial insurance department can help you only if the company is licensed.

4. Price
Most car owners look for affordable premiums when they’re searching for auto insurance. Your insurance company should be able to offer various discounts for your policy so that you can fit your required coverage within your budgets. Also, check if the company offers bundling discounts to save further.

5. Service
Even though the insurance company might have a great presence online, they must be able to offer excellent offline service. You can have a lot of questions regarding your auto insurance so pick a company that employs trained professionals to answer the phone for any queries.

6. Comfort & Convenience
It is convenient to buy your insurance online but does the company go the extra mile to make it easy for you to own a policy? Things like online quotes, bill payments, chat features, emailed statements, renewal reminders, easy claim filing, etc. can make it convenient to own a policy. Also, make sure you are comfortable with your company to discuss your queries regarding the policy and claims.

7. Ratings & Reviews
Insurance companies are rated based on their customer service, quality of offerings, financial strength and many other factors. When you’re looking to buy auto insurance, read reviews and check the ratings of the company to ensure your car is in safe hands.

The competition in the insurance space can make it tough for a car owner to select the right coverage and company. Before you buy your policy, make sure to learn everything about the company’s financial background, different offerings, reviews, service and reputation for your peace of mind.