It’s that time of the year when Calgarians are most worried. Though the city hopefully won’t experience an event like 2013, it’s important to be prepared for floods. The period from May 15 to July 15 is considered the time of the highest rainfalls. Unfortunately, flooding can occur at any time, with hardly any warning. Do you have the right insurance coverage? Is your cheapest house insurance in Canada enough to protect your home from the fury of the floods?

In 2013, the floods caused nearly $5 billion worth of damage in Alberta, out of which $1.7 billion was insured. This caused the home insurance rates in the province to rise. If you’re a homeowner in Calgary, you need to buy the right insurance to protect your home against the floods and also take some preventive measures to minimize damage. You can experience flooding due to a sewer backup, a seepage, or underlying snow around your home. If you start early, you can definitely mitigate against these problems.

Prepare Your Outdoors
As the weather starts to warm up, it’s important to remove all the snow from the sides of your home. Next, examine the exteriors of your home and check the windows, walls, doors and weather-stripping. All your exterior elements must be sealed tightly to avoid water from coming inside. Also, make sure that all your downspouts are pointed away from your home and the exit points are minimum 3 feet away from the foundation. Don’t forget to check your roofs. Remove all the snow from the roofs, check for ice dams (these can cause immense damage to your walls, roofs and beams), and clear the blockage in the gutters for easy passage of drainage.

Check The Indoors
Check all your foundation walls and the basement and if you notice any leaks, make sure to fix them with a heavy-duty sealant. All your large electrical appliances must be raised above the floor using cement blocks or wooden panels. Avoid keeping valuables in your basement and keep other important things on high shelves only. If you have any big screen TVs or pool tables stored in the basement, you might want to get it water-proofed. Also, check your hot water storage tank to ensure zero corrosion. This will prevent any kind of spills or leaks which would otherwise lead to major damage. Basement flooding can also lead to mould, which isn’t covered in your insurance plan and can cause serious health problems to your family.

Get Your Plumbing Upgraded
Along with looking for the cheapest house insurance in Canada, you should also consider upgrading your plumbing systems to avoid too much damage. Backflow valves are excellent protectors against floods that may be caused due to a stressed sewer system. Ensure that you check them every six months so that they function properly. Speak to your broker to see if you have sewer backup coverage added as a rider in your home insurance policy. If you are living in a flood-prone zone, you should consider investing in a sump pump. Your provider can also help you get a good discount if you decide to install this pump.

The two types of insurance against floods include regular flood insurance and overland flood insurance. Remember that the cheapest house insurance in Canada will not cover overland flooding. You will have to add it to your policy as a specifically named peril. Make sure to discuss your needs with a broker so that he can advise you on the best protection from floods for your beloved home.