1. Avoid Distractions & Rage

As per the Canadian Safety Council, the number of fatalities on the road is highest in summer than any other season. Nearly 85% of these collisions are preventable. However, the key to preventing accidents in this season lies in safe driving. While most of us tend to think that winters are non-conducive for driving, summers are actually the season that requires most concentration to save you from a collision. Remember that the traffic in summers is higher as everyone is going camping or other vacation destinations. The higher traffic volumes increase the risks of collisions and thus, we bring you some safe driving tips for this summer:

When you’re driving, you might get distracted by the expansive views, the beautiful skies or some thoughts in your mind. It is important to focus on the road and avoid any kinds of distractions to stay safe. Don’t get enraged on the road. Always maintain a calm and positive attitude towards driving. Respect the road and your job as a driver to stay safe.

2. Follow Regulations

Make sure you follow the regulations in your province and always wear your seat belt, use child car seats and booster seats whenever you are on the road with your family. Handle all the safety equipment properly so that you can drive in peace and avoid accidents or injuries on the road.

3. Get New Tires

Your car tires play a major role in vehicle safety. They help in keeping your car, SUV or truck tethered to the ground so it’s crucial to check their wear and tear before the summers. If your tires seem worn out because of age, bad alignment or tire pressure neglect, it may be time to replace them. Also, if you had installed winter tires to save on Calgary auto insurance, it’s important to shift back to your regular tires for smooth summer drives.

4.  Watch Out for People

People like to go outside in summers. Remember that they walk, run, bike and even chase Frisbees on the street. As they enjoy the sunshine, they might not notice your car. As a driver, it is important for you to always look out for people and avoid any collisions.

5. Tackle Mountainous Terrain with Confidence

Canadian mountains are both scenic and crowded in the summer. When driving in the mountains, it can be a huge concern if you overheat your engine. Turn off your air conditioning as it puts a lot of pressure on the engine and drive in a lower gear to maintain a constant speed. If you want to admire a gorgeous scenery, pull over safely and then look outside. Remember that everyone may not want to slow down at a tourist spot.

6. Avoiding Collisions with Animals

If you happen to hit an animal with your car, it can be heartbreaking and injurious to your family and the animal. Reduce your speed to lower the severity of crashes and stay more focused on the road. Animals are most active at dawn and dusk during the summers. Always check both sides of the road and look for flickering road reflectors which indicate an animal walking ahead.

Don’t forget to get adequate Calgary auto insurance so that you are protected even when you’re driving in rain, fog or sunshine that have their own challenges on the road. Drive safe and smart, and you’ll enjoy the summers a lot more with your loved ones!