Canadian winters bring a certain set of risks to homes and businesses. Thanks to the extreme weather, your business may be vulnerable to expenses and legal claims arising from:

• Increased criminal activity
• Slip and fall injuries on the premises
• Roof collapse and ice damming
• Frozen pipes and sewer backup
• Interruption of business operations, etc.
You can mitigate these risks and eventual losses by getting business insurance Canada before disasters strike.
Other than that, here are some ways to prevent such situations:

Theft and Vandalism
In winter, days are shorter, and nights are longer and darker, making it the perfect time for criminal activity. The right measures to prevent theft and vandalism issues include increasing the visibility on the premises and surroundings.

You can remove cash and valuables after work hours and move precious products from window displays to reduce the temptation of onlookers. Add bright lights inside and outside the main building and invest in security cameras, tag alarms, motion sensors, and other surveillance devices.

Slippery Areas
Driveways, walkways, and other external paths to the building should be non-slippery and without snow. Use de-icing materials and shovels to clear the paths so that there is no slip and fall incident on your property. You can also install grab rails on the stairs or ramps and add anti-slip mats near the entrances.

Add visible signage like “wet floor” and adequate lighting systems to enhance visibility. Request your employees to wear non-slip footwear to properly counter conditions. Also, develop a proper procedure to follow if someone slips and falls.

Roof Issues
Although your business insurance Canada can take care of all roof issues like collapse, ice formation, and more, you should not leave things to fate. If you don’t remove snow immediately, it melts, then freezes again, forming ice dams on the roof.

Ice accumulation can also cause significant health problems to the occupants of the property. With preventive measures like roof snow removal with long-handled rakes and timely inspections, you can avoid high repair or replacement bills later.

Plumbing Problems
Water damage can cause severe financial losses to your business if the pipes freeze or clog in winter. Prevent freezing and bursting of pipes by ensuring proper insulation and sealing without any cracks. Winter-roof outdoor pipes and keep the windows closed to ensure uniform heat through the indoors.

These problems are commonly seen in pipes below the basement and in condominium buildings. You can use anti-freeze or let a few drops of water drip from faucets until the maintenance help arrives.

Business Interruption
Extreme cold weather conditions and snow can affect business activities, or you close shop for a few days. Either way, you can lose a considerable amount of money.

Here are some ways to reduce those risks:
1. Perform regular maintenance and inspections on the building and equipment.
2. Agree on the maximum acceptable work hours for employees.
3. Improve driving conditions, visibility, and vehicle performance.
4. Get backup generators to continuously power your operations.
5. Ensure there aren’t any electric cords or cables loose on the ground.
6. Identify winter impact on your business and plan how to curb the risks.

Talk to the Experts Providing Business Insurance Canada
You may also face workers’ compensation claims, automotive repairs, and other such issues in winter. When satisfaction levels fall, employees can’t give their best, leading to business interruption. Or your car may break down as you go on a work-related journey. Having the right coverage can alone help. So, speak to your business insurance Canada professionals now.