Business insurance coverage helps protect a venture from losses that can occur in a business’s day-to-day working. When you are running a business, abiding by the laws of that location is essential. In fact, 75% of businesses in the  are underinsured by 40% or more affecting the costs of hazards they face. So, here is a rundown of 10 different types of business insurance in Calgary that you can opt for:

1. Auto Dealerships
For auto dealerships, business insurance services in Calgary is a must. Right from detailing, parts and service to selling vehicles, protecting your assets, customers and employees is essential to any dealership.

2. Aircraft and Aviation
Aircraft and aviation insurance consists of property coverage and liability insurance for aircraft. You can buy it for various planes, including experimental, vintage, standard, and even seaplanes. Aircraft insurance replaces and repairs damaged parts, and accident insurance will cover liability claims from loss of life and injuries.

3. Concrete and Industrial
Concrete and industrial business insurance consists of different aspects of coverage. This comprises course of construction, contractors, liability and much more.

Your insurance can also include add-ons such as cyber liability if you have sensitive data online. It’s also sensible to opt for insurance coverage with group benefits since you would need the costs of your employee accidents covered and get a good deal on their health expenditures in the future.

4. Oil and Gas
Apart from general liability coverage for accidents and professional liability insurance, the oil and gas industry need one more unique feature in the policy. Pollution & Environmental Liability Insurance is also an essential part of the insurance in this industry. This business is at risk of spills and hazards to the environment.

5. Hospitality and Special Events
Hospitality industry businesses require insurance to save costs of liability. In case of any injury or damage to a guest, venue, or employee, your insurance will cover the financial penalty. It is also a prerequisite by many venues.

You would also need liquor liability insurance in case you want to serve alcohol. Some of the events where business insurance becomes necessary are family or school reunions, fundraisers, charity events, concerts, parades, etc.

6. Information Technology
Information technology business insurance needs to consist of general liability insurance and definitely needs to have coverage for cyber liability. An IT business is at high risk of data breach, cybercrimes and malware attacks putting your business reputation in potential jeopardy. Additionally, IT hardware is expensive and property damage can cost you a lot of money. Avoid liability by choosing the right IT business insurance.

7. Manufacturers
Every manufacturing business has varied functioning. For instance, if you work with mechanicals and an industrial environment, your employees are at a higher risk of accidents. You can face increased liability if your employees endure an accident. Additionally, this insurance also covers costs for property damage from different events and losing important files and records. Make sure you choose a manufacturing insurance option with comprehensive coverage and expert advice.

8. Non-Profit
If you are running a nonprofit organization, chances are that you interact with the public often. This means that the business is exposed to varied risks. A general liability insurance can help your organization protect from lawsuits which include accidents involving clients, delivery people, and visitors. Go for a policy that provides liability coverage associated with customer property damage, injuries, and even advertising injuries.

9. Real Estate and Property Management
Real estate and property management is one of the most common types of interest we receive .  protect commercial property from incidents such as natural disasters, theft and fire.

10. Construction
Construction Insurance is vital during projects under construction. Specifically, businesses undergoing renovations or new business construction projects builds. There are many aspects and types of coverage available specific to the project and those involved such as builders risk insurance, general liability and professional liability to name a few.

Confused about which policy to go for or what insurance to choose? Our team consists of experts who specialize in business insurance in Calgary. You can contact us to get the best quotes for your type of business. Our team will get back to you with the best options for comprehensive business coverage.