Businesses insurance is needed for businesses seeking assistance in times of contingencies like natural disasters, property damages, liability claims, and more. If your company does not have business insurance, then you might have huge unforeseen expenses and legal claims if any unfortunate situation arises in the future. Different incidents will have different impacts on your company’s operations and financials. To avoid such devastating situations, business insurance becomes a necessity.

Why Do Companies Need Business Insurance?
Investing in business insurance is an act of prudence. This helps to avoid unexpected financial disasters and unwanted out-of-the-pocket expenses. There are various business insurance options available and these come in handy in event of catastrophes. The following are a few important reasons why you need business insurance-

1. State laws compliance: Almost every state makes it compulsory for companies to have different types of business insurance. One such example is workers’ compensation insurance. Companies that cover the employees with business insurance are able to create a niche for themselves in the sector. They are also at par with state laws compliance.

2. Enhanced clientele:When a corporation has business insurance, it is regarded as a secure option by clients. This helps the company to establish and enhance its clientele as the company is perceived as being reliable. As a result, clients are more interested in getting into deals with your company.

3. Cover unexpected legal expenses: Many businesses face lawsuits and are not able to handle the huge costs that come with it. These corporations have an advantage when they go for business insurance. For instance, general liability insurance will offer the right coverage and you will be able to handle expected legal expenses with ease.

4. Tackle business property damage: If you have business insurance that concerns property damage, you can easily pay for repairs/replacements in case such a situation comes up. This insurance policy is to compensate losses due to natural calamities like earthquakes and fire, other calamities like theft, etc.

5. Tax deductions: If you go for business insurance, you are also entitled to tax deductions. You can include the policies into your company’s tax records and thus benefit from the deductions.

6. To tackle data breach/ cyber attack: Today’s business world revolves around technology and the Internet. That is the reason companies often become targets for hackers and cyber attacks resulting in data breaches, loss of valuable information, financial losses, and more. Business insurance helps companies tackle unforeseen contingencies like these.

7. To secure income: If in any situation your company shuts down or closes for some time, then business interruption insurance compensates for the income you lose during such times. It is generally included in the business owner’s policy. Small business insurance will help small businesses to survive during times when their business was shut down due to any reason.

8. Covers business driving: If you are looking for business insurance to cover business driving, then go for commercial auto insurance to be on the safer side. It covers damages and liabilities like personal auto insurance and your business vehicles remain protected from the impact of unpredictable disasters.

Why Should You Choose Beneficial Insurance Over Others?
We offer flexible business insurance solutions for companies. At Beneficial Insurance, we value the time and money that go into sustaining your business. We regard business insurance as an integral part of your business undertaking. As many companies rely on new sales to sustain profits and the channel of commercial engagements, we are here to offer them the best business insurance deals to be ahead of the competition.

When you are concerned with the welfare of your business, automating an important part of it comes as a breeze. This is what we claim to offer. Choose the best of insurance options we offer and stop worrying about unforeseen situations. Business insurance will cover revenue losses, liabilities, or unforeseen events, allowing you to serve your customers without any hassle or interruptions.

Clients go for our business insurance options because of the following reasons-

• Highly credible:The insurance options we offer have been regarded as highly credible by clients. The companies we have served have benefited immensely from our solutions. With our services, they have been able to carve a reputation in the industry.

• cost-effective: As an established insurance provider, we offer cost-effective and flexible insurance solutions. We work as per the specific needs of your company and offer competitive industry prices for these.

• Best in the industry: As we constantly track the demands of the industry, all our insurance deals are at par with the best in the industry. When you collaborate with us, you sign up for the right protection against various kinds of business losses during challenging times.

What Do We Have For Your Company?

As Calgary’s top business insurance firm, we offer the following business insurance options-

• Business Liability Insurance
• Retail Business Insurance
• Commercial Auto Insurance
• Commercial Property Insurance
• Cyber Liability Insurance
• High-Risk Commercial Insurance
• Professional Liability Insurance
• Business Interruption Insurance
• Business Income and Loss Insurance
• Trades and Construction Insurance
• Builders Risk Insurance
• Manufacturing Insurance
• Condo Building and Corporation Insurance
• Oil and Gas Insurance

Reach out to us and get a business insurance quote today!