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Business insurance can be complicated and it takes an experienced insurance broker to assist you get the appropriate commercial coverage for your business. You need a broker who can give not just one part of your commercial insurance needs, but all of your commercial coverage. This is where brokers of Beneficial Insurance Solutions come into scene. Our team of brokers specializes in commercial insurance.

Our brokers compare rates from several commercial insurance companies, so they can offer tailored policy options that can meet the insurance needs of your company. Unlike captive agents who give specific coverage from one insurance company, our trusted brokers work with many carriers to provide an array of plans, and allow you to choose one that you think will best suffice your needs.

You work hard to ensure the success of your business – and yet you know how important it is to expect the unexpected.

  1. Understanding the fine print. We familiriaze ourselves with the complexities of each policy we sell, so we can provide a knowledgeable, comprehensive evaluation of how you'll be covered.

  2. In-depth analysis. By asking all the right questions we ensure that you are covered against most eventualities.

  3. Customized coverage. Every business needs something unique. If your situation calls for customized coverage, we can put together precisely the policy you need.

  4. Industry specific policies.We take care of the risks and exposures that most affect your business.


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