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Commercial property insurance makes sense for bricks and mortar businesses that are exposed to risks on a daily basis. Whether you are a start-up, a small sized family owned venture, or a large corporate, as a business owner, you need protection for the buildings in which you operate and for all the assets that are inside the building. This is important because in case your property has suffered a loss, then the right commercial property insurance policy can help with the repair cost and get you back in business quickly.

As a business insurance broker, we understand your needs and provide you a commercial property insurance quote that is designed specifically for your business. We look at factors such as location of your business, replacement costs, age of your property and electrical work & plumbing. These factors are associated with risks and govern the amount of premium that will be applicable in the commercial property insurance quote. For example by installing a security and alarm system, building a new roof or upgrading an electrical system, you can lower the amount of premium significantly.

Typically commercial property insurance in Canada covers:

  • Buildings: Whether owned, leased or rented including permanent fixtures, machinery and equipment.
  • Business property in the buildings including non-permanent fixtures, machinery, equipment, computers, other electronics, furniture and inventory.
  • Personal property of others that is in custody or care of your business.

When it comes to losses, these are usually of 2 types:

  • Specified perils such as fires, explosions, wind, vandalism etc.
  • Open perils that include all losses unless specifically excluded

As risk coverage is more in open peril, the commercial property insurance quote is more expensive for it.

It is important to note that there are different types of commercial property insurances in Canada with
subtle differences between each other. As a business insurance broker, we do the legwork to guide you
through the pros and cons of each policy, how it functions, what’s covered and what’s excluded, so that
at the end you receive from us a commercial property insurance quote that exactly matches your needs
and provides you the maximum applicable discounts.


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